Custom Traffic Signs
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Varieties of custom traffic signs

Whether your township is looking for some speed limit signs that may be a little outside the norm, or you’re an individual looking for a personalized parking sign for your property, you need a custom traffic sign.

Until the waning of the 20th century, all signs were either painted on – and therefore prone to wear and tear – or stamped using hefty, expensive equipment, and difficult if not impossible to customize. These days, though, signs are printed using far more flexible methods, meaning customization is limited only by your imagination.

Many people are intimidated by traffic signage because they think it’s impossible to put their own personal stamp on these signs without being out of compliance and risking compliance problems. Good sign companies will include two tiers of signs, MUTCD-compliant signs and signs where compliance isn’t or shouldn’t be a concern. The MUTCD does allow for plenty of variation, and no matter what your needs, chances are you can find a sign that fits to a tee.

Pedestrian crossing
This sign gives us two critical pieces of information – it tells us we should expect people to be crossing the road in the area, but it also tells us why, letting drivers and passersby know the name of the school they're near, helping with branding and wayfinding both!
Custom Road Signs
As anyone in city government knows, road closings are no small business – they can affect property values and drive people away from your town if they're in the wrong spot. A customized sign like this one can minimize the impact of a closed thoroughfare by letting people know exactly when it's going to be lifted.
Courtesy signs like this one can be as flexible as you need them to be. If lazy motorists parking badly are a problem in your parking lot, a sign like this can remind drivers to be responsible and considerate. Of course, the text at the bottom can be customized to any situation – from roommates who don't clean up after themselves to a request not to create wake in a delicate wetland.
No parking sign
Sometimes it pays to be specific. If your commercial property takes regular deliveries, you need to be absolutely certain no one's going to be blocking your loading/unloading zone. A custom NO PARKING sign is just what you need – they're easy to personalize, and you can even include branding or special messages.
Customized traffic signs
One of the most common uses of customized traffic signs is as banal as it is important – warning truckers of weight limits. Engineers can rate overpasses and highways as safe at different weights, and those weights aren't one-size-fits-all – so custom signs can be critical to public safety.
Customized Street Signs
Signs can include members-only-type messages, too, allowing you to let interlopers know they'd better move along.
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