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Traffic signs: the difference between control and chaos.

Traffic signs: the difference between control and chaos.

Not all traffic signs are created equal. Granted, most are, but what if you have to warn drivers of a 7% road gradient? What if you need to put up a sign telling passersby that there's a fallout shelter sixteen miles away (no more, no less)? Don't think your messaging has to fall through the cracks just because it might be a little unconventional! You can even get cheeky – what if you don't just want to say "Stop," but "Stop for alpacas?"

Local and national regulations apply, but many areas give property owners and municipalities a measure of freedom with custom traffic signs, allowing consumers to tailor traffic signs to meet every need. That can include numbers, text, and sometimes even graphics. Take advantage of that latitude with customized traffic signs – use the colors, wording and design that you want.

In these pages, you’ll learn about how custom traffic signs are made, what rules you need to follow if you’re worried about compliance, and get some ideas for custom signage you can make.

Traffic Signs and Meanings
Parking signs are some of the most commonly customized traffic signs. Everyone has a different reason for setting aside a portion of their parking for someone special. Use a customized parking sign to set aside part of your lot.
Custom Traffic Signs
Sometimes you need a traffic sign that doesn't fit into most templates – it might have an unusual speed limit or grade measurement on it, or it might warn of an unusual animal; it might just mention a property owner by name. Customized traffic signs are how it's done.
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